Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.“—Andy Warhol

We have big plans for Sheen Media and at the heart of those plans are our clients. We wanted to know what was on their minds, so this month we invited anyone who has ever worked with us to take part in an anonymous, three-question survey.

So why are we sharing the results with you? That’s because we believe in sharing our journey with the wider community. If we can be transparent and open about what we do and why we do it, we hope it will spark conversation and new ideas to help us build the kind of creative agency our clients need into the future.

Any input we receive will collectively strengthen what we currently offer at Sheen Media and help shape client experience within our team.

Question 1

How would you rate your experience with Sheen Media so far?

Question 2

Would you recommend our services and why?

We got lot’s of love from this question, so thanks again to everyone who submitted. Here are a few of the responses:

There are lots of creative agencies in the market place but only a handful, like yourselves, offer a genuine combination of good work and good ethics.”

You are a friendly, enthusiastic and efficient team, which never fail to deliver excellent results!”

Quick turnarounds, good service, cost effective”

Because you’re reliable, affordable and always innovative”

Because you do the job with no fuss.”

Question 3

Could we improve your experience by introducing something new, or doing anything better?

We received some really supportive comments for this question also but for the purpose of this blog we would like to focus on the following comments which point to area’s we could improve on:

We need help with social media. Not sure where to get started”

I am not particularly social media savvy nor do I fully understand how the back end of a website works to generate SEO – I would expect this as part of a website set-up. I understand there is a distinction between the ‘graphics’ part of a website but I think your service would be enhanced by including SEO info & input when setting up the website. Would like more of a link with a PR person to connect the creating of a website with the PR that would go with it.”

Now and then let me know what type of work you are producing for others so I can see what you’re capable of doing for me or my clients.”

I’d like some options for cheaper website solutions”

I think giving more options when you are presenting a proposal or something, so the client is aware of other ways to complete the project. It may be useful now, or further down the track on the next job.”

Could photos be printed as part of the photography service? Though, would need to be competitive with bulk printers eg Officeworks, kmart.”

Some video services would be great”

Thanks to anyone who participated. If you have been sitting on an idea or suggestion and would like to have your say, please send us a message. We’d love to hear from you.