We recently finished publishing another Injury Liability Gazette for our client, Carter Newell Lawyers. The Gazette is an important communication tool used to provide the insurance industry with relevant information on recent cases which have been considered by Australian courts.

This particular project was unique for Sheen Media because we needed to translate the print design we had previously established for the Gazette into an ePub (electronic publication) format. This re-formatting would enable the Carter Newell team to distribute the publication in a number of different ways, including as a download for e-reader devices like iPads.

Publications that are converted to ePub look and behave differently to standard print publications or PDFs, and the main challenge is to develop a way to include graphics and imagery that remains complementary to the existing design.

However, because ePub has traditionally been used for text-based publications featuring content that can be easily viewed across multiple devices, adding graphics and imagery can prove challenging because the fluid nature of an ePub means these items can be pushed into weird positions and places on the page.

The epub version of the Gazette

Luckily for us, recent developments in technology mean it is now possible for us to include more design elements within the page structure and keep both versions of the publication looking consistent.

On this particular project, we carried the same text styles from the original design across to the new ePub and established a new set of rules for the graphics and imagery to ensure it looked similar to the print version, without becoming distorted. We set a standard image size and anchored the images, along with any graphics, to specific headings within the article so that no matter how the epub is viewed, everything remains in place and the text is able to freely flow in any orientation.

The result is a clean and crisp looking ePub, featuring similar style elements to its printed predecessor, which can be viewed across a number of digital platforms without any image or graphic distortion.