Need new users or customers for your startup but your marketing budget is a big fat ZERO? Good! It will force you to get your hustle on and think of more creative ways to get noticed. Which is exactly what Pinterest co-founder Ben Silbermann did in the early days of his startup.

To attract new users (which he desperately needed at the time), Ben would go to cafe’s and recruit people one by one by asking them to try Pinterest out.

He would also visit local Apple stores in Palo Alto and try to change all the computer browsers to the Pinterest home page before getting kicked out. If Apple store customers kept seeing the page open on Apple computers, they’d think it must be something pretty cool and want to check it out for themselves.

A great reminder that it was years of hard work for these successful startups in building relationships, attracting new users and early stage marketing. But it can be done with some creativity and crazy determination.