This is Bec Johnson. She is our new Melbourne-based photographer. With over 13 years of experience behind the lens, Bec brings a fresh, honest and creative approach to our projects in Melbourne.

Bec will tell you she loves everything about photography; faces, stories, light and film.

“Most photographers love to shoot people and experiences; I love creating a concept and running with it, but I equally love a good documentary shot – the thrill of catching a cool natural moment.”

Bec discovered her love for photography while studying it as a subject in high school.

“I vaguely remember my first roll of film in grade 10; I remember being really pleased and thinking it was completely awesome … it wasn’t.”

You might find it interesting to know that Bec is actually my little sister and it was clear to everyone around her that she definitely had an eye for photography. She even inspired me to take up photography, which in a very roundabout way, led to the creation of Sheen Media.

Over the years, Bec has refined her skills as a freelance photographer working in the wedding and portrait industry and on various commercial and product related projects in QLD and VIC.

So it’s fantastic to announce that someone so artistic and influential to us will be helping Nathan with our clients’ photographic needs.

Contact us if you are interested in finding out more about our photography services in Melbourne.